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ER11 Collets Individual Sizes
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ER11 series collets have a capacity of .020-.3125 inches. Each ER11 collet has a range of .020 inches(0.5mm). The size indicated on the collet is the largest size it can hold and can be collapsed smaller within its collapse range of .020 inches(0.5mm). For example, ER11-3mm can grab a round shank from 3mm diameter to 2.5mm diameter. Please refer to our ER11 Collet print for general ER11 dimensions.
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    Product Name   Model   Manufacturer   Price 
 ER11 COLLET 1mm  ER11 COLLET 1mm

 .039-ER11-1mm  MariTool


 ER11 COLLET 1.5mm  ER11 COLLET 1.5mm

 .059-ER11-1.5mm  MariTool


 ER11 COLLET 2mm  ER11 COLLET 2mm

 .079-ER11-2mm  MariTool


 ER11 COLLET 2.5mm  ER11 COLLET 2.5mm

 .098-ER11-2.5mm  MariTool


 ER11 COLLET 3mm  ER11 COLLET 3mm

 .118-ER11-3mm  MariTool


 ER11 COLLET 1/8  ER11 COLLET 1/8

 .125-ER11-1/8  MariTool


 ER11 COLLET 3.5mm  ER11 COLLET 3.5mm

 .138-ER11-3.5mm  MariTool


 ER11 COLLET 4mm  ER11 COLLET 4mm

 .157-ER11-4mm  MariTool


 ER11 COLLET 4.5mm  ER11 COLLET 4.5mm

 .177-ER11-4.5mm  MariTool


 ER11 COLLET 3/16  ER11 COLLET 3/16

 .1875-ER11-3/16  MariTool


 ER11 COLLET 5mm  ER11 COLLET 5mm

 .197-ER11-5mm  MariTool


 ER11 COLLET 5.5mm  ER11 COLLET 5.5mm

 .217-ER11-5.5mm  MariTool


 ER11 COLLET 6mm  ER11 COLLET 6mm

 .236-ER11-6mm  MariTool


 ER11 COLLET 1/4  ER11 COLLET 1/4

 .250-ER11-1/4  MariTool


 ER11 COLLET 6.5mm  ER11 COLLET 6.5mm

 .256-ER11-6.5mm  MariTool


 ER11 COLLET 7mm  ER11 COLLET 7mm

 .276-ER11-7mm  MariTool


 ER11 COLLET 5/16  ER11 COLLET 5/16

 .312-ER11-5/16  MariTool


Displaying 1 to 17 (of 17 products) Result Pages:  1