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PHBOR50-Micron Precision Boring Head Set $1,713.45
PHBOR50-Micron Precision Boring Head Set
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PHBOR50-Micron Precision Boring Head Set
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Item No. PHBOR50-SET
Price: $1,713.45
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  • Super precision boring head is adjustable in 1 micron (.000039 inches) increments
  • Boring head has two dials to show .1mm movements and fine .002mm movements
  • Boring body, 8 boring bars, 4 boring arms, and misc adaptors and wrenches are included
  • The boring head itself is 50mm in diameter x 62mm long without the shank
  • The shank on the boring head is 28mm dia x 30mm long.
  • All boring bars have a 16mm shank, Boring head accepts 16mm round boring bars
  • Boring head and all boring bars and boring arms have coolant thru capability
  • On CNC machines with coolant thru option, coolant can be directly ported to the cutting edge
  • CAT40, BT40, BT30, and CAT50 adaptors are not included but available in our website
  • Inserts are not included but available in our website
  • With the 8 boring bars and 4 boring arms holes between .236-3.55 inches ( 6-90mm) can be precision bored
  • Boring head and all accessories are made from high quality alloy steel
  • The following is a list of attachments included in this kit

  •     Part #         Diameter Range     Maximum Hole Depth      Insert Type
  •  BR1606-21          6-9mm                      21mm               WBGT06 XXXX
  •  BR1608-28          8-11mm                    28mm                TBGT06 XXXX
  •  BR1610-35          10-13mm                  35mm                TBGT06 XXXX
  •  BR1612-42          12-15mm                  42mm                TPGH09 XXXX
  •  BR1614-50          14-17mm                  50mm                TPGH09 XXXX
  •  BR1616-60          16-20mm                  60mm                TPGH09 XXXX
  •  BR1620-65          20-24mm                  65mm                TPGH11 XXXX
  •  BR1624-68          24-28mm                  68mm                TPGH11 XXXX
  •  BM5 adapter (60mm long) for holding SRTP2938, SRTP3652, or SRTP4468
  •  Boring arm SRTP2938    28-38mm         70mm                TPGH09 XXXX
  •  Boring arm SRTP3652    36-52mm         72mm                TPGH09 XXXX
  •  Boring arm SRTP4468    44-68mm         72mm                TPGH09 XXXX
  • BM8 short adapter for holding SRTP5790
  •  Boring arm SRTP5790    57-90mm         90mm                TPGH11 XXXX