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CAT40 Shrink Fit Tool Holders
Shrink fit holders are very similar to end mill holders. The main difference is that shrink fit tool holders do not use any screws to hold on to the shank of the tool. Shrink fit tool holders have a bore that is actually too small for the shank to fit, but when the shrink fit tool holder is heated to several hundred degrees the bore expands and allows the cutting tool shank to fit in the bore. Once the cutting tool is inserted after a few seconds the cutting tool shank heats up and the tool holder cools around the shank and the 2 components virtually become one piece. No other clamping system can match the grip, concentricity, and performance of a shrink fit interface. Also because shrink fit tool holders do not need any collets, collet nuts, or set screws nose diameters can be very slim allowing you to machine hard to reach areas.
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