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Shell Mill Tool Holders
  1. How much torque is required for the arbor screw?

    1/2" arbor 6 ft-lbs
    3/4" arbor 22 ft-lbs
    1.0" arbor 45 ft-lbs
    1.25" arbor 55 ft-lbs
    1.5" arbor 55 ft-lbs
    2.0" arbor 60 ft-lbs

  2. Are MariTool Shell Mill Holders Coolant Thru?

    Unless specified, yes our shell mill tool holders are coolant compatible. In most cases the company supplying the coolant thru shell mill will provide you a proper arbor screw that supports coolant thru and will adapt properly to the specific shell mill that you have. Every shell mill is different so we cannot provide a proper coolant thru arbor screw for every situation. In case they did not provide such a screw we recommend simply grinding or milling a flat on the arbor thread screw that you plan on using. Even a .03 deep flat will allow plenty of coolant flow and will not reduce strength or function of the screw. Second option is to drill 2 intersecting holes in the screw like a banjo bolt.

  3. Are the Shell Mill Holder Drive Keys Removable? 

    Yes the drive keys can be easily removed. Spare drive keys can also be purchased if yours are damaged or lost. Please contact sales if needed.