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Tap Holders
  1. I have a floating tap holder. How do I service it?

    If the floating tap holder has a retention knob remove it. Remove rear screw and remove rear spring. While you are over a table with a shop towel (so you dont lose any falling parts) remove outer spring clip with 2 smaller screwdrivers. Slide off outer sleeve and catch the 3 balls. Remove inner sleeve. Check for any mushrooming or burrs from overloading the balls or over traveling. Remove any raised edges, clean and reassemble. Greasing is optional and not needed.

  2. Do your floating tap holders need any special collets?

    No our floating tap holders use standard ER collets. For example any floating tap holder with TER20 in the part number will take standard ER20 collets. If you wish you can use ER tap collets in our floating tap holders. These collets have a square in the back for driving the tap. Although in most cases this is not necessary and a standard round ER collet is more than strong enough to drive a tap. It is a misconception that taps often slip when used in normal ER style collets. This is not the case as long as you always try to use the proper size collet. Proper size collet is when your tool shank is as close as the largest capacity listed on the collet without being larger than that size shown. Tapping collets should be used when using larger size taps with coarse pitch and when form tapping larger size taps. Simple rule of thumb, if the tap shank is 60% or smaller than the maximum clamping range of that collet style, save your money and use a normal collet. For example ER32= .750 X.60=.450 diameter.